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Henry American Beauty .22 S/L/LR


Henry American Eagle .22 S/L/LR

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Henry Golden Boy .17 HMR


Henry Golden Boy .17 HMR Large Loop


Henry Golden Boy .22 Magnum


Henry Golden Boy .22 Magnum Large Loop


Henry Golden Boy .22 S/L/LR


Henry Golden Boy .22 S/L/LR Large Loop


Henry Golden Boy Silver .17 HMR


Henry Golden Boy Silver .22 Magnum


Henry Golden Boy Silver .22 S/L/LR


Henry Golden Boy Silver .22 S/L/LR Large Loop


Henry Golden Eagle .22 S/L/LR


Henry Silver Eagle .17 HMR


Henry Silver Eagle .22 Magnum


Henry Silver Eagle .22 S/L/LR


Henry Silver Eagle 2nd Edition .22 S/L/LR


Buy Henry Golden Boy Rifles Online 

The Golden Boy Rifles from Henry Repeating Arms are a series of lever-action firearms that evoke the spirit of the American Old West with their classic design and modern craftsmanship. Here’s a brief description of these iconic rifles:

Golden Boy Rifles:

  • Calibers Available: .22 S/L/LR, .22 Mag, .17 HMR1.
  • Barrel and Receiver: Each rifle features a stunning 20-inch blued octagonal barrel and a gleaming Brasslite receiver that adds to the rifle’s historic charm.
  • Stock: The rifles are fitted with an American walnut stock, complemented by a brass buttplate, enhancing both the rifle’s aesthetic and its durability.
  • Sights: They come equipped with adjustable buckhorn-type rear sights, ensuring accuracy and ease of use for shooters.
  • Capacity: Depending on the model, the tubular magazine can hold 16 rounds of Long or Long Rifle, 21 rounds of Short, 12 rounds of .22 Mag, or 11 rounds of .17 HMR.
  • Weight: With a substantial heft of 6¾ pounds, these rifles balance well in the hands, making for highly accurate offhand shooting.

The Golden Boy Rifles are not just firearms; they are pieces of finely crafted gunsmithing that offer a shooting experience unlike any other. Whether used for small game hunting or simply for the joy of plinking, these rifles are sure to bring out the West in you. The youth version of the Golden Boy is also available, featuring a shorter barrel and length of pull, making it ideal for younger shooters or those who prefer a more compact firearm.

For those looking to own a piece of American heritage that combines beauty, functionality, and a nod to the past, the Golden Boy Rifles stand out as a masterpiece of finely crafted gunsmithing that’s affordably priced and designed to be cherished for generations.