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Henry Axe 410 Lever Action Rifles For Sale Online – Buy Henry Axe 410 Lever Action Rifle Online

The Henry Axe 410 is a unique lever-action firearm that combines the practicality of a shotgun with the compact size and fun of a plinking gun. It’s designed for versatility, offering a 5-round capacity of 2 ½” shells, and features a side loading gate for easy reloading without removing the tube magazine. The Axe 410 stands out with its “axe handle” pistol grip, engraved with the iconic Henry Cowboy logo, adding a touch of class to its design.

Available in three finishes—polished hardened brass, matte blued steel, or the X Model’s black synthetic—the Axe 410 caters to different preferences while maintaining its distinctive style. The firearm is equipped with a brass bead front sight, or a fiber optic bead on the X Model, and a barrel threaded for invector style chokes, with a full choke included.

Compact and maneuverable, the Axe 410 has a barrel length of just under 16” and an overall length of just over 26”, allowing for storage in more places than average shotguns. Whether for home defense, property protection, or simply enjoying time at the range, the Henry Axe 410 is a standout choice for those who value both fun and functionality in their firearms