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Henry Youth Models Rifle For Sale Online

Henry Youth Models are designed to introduce the younger generation to the joys and responsibilities of shooting sports. These rifles and shotguns are scaled down in size to fit younger shooters comfortably, ensuring a proper and safe introduction to firearm handling and marksmanship.

The selection includes:

  • Lever Action .22 Youth: A compact version of the Classic Lever Action .22 rifle, perfect for young shooters.
  • Mini Bolt Youth .22: The Official Youth Rifle of the USA Shooting Team, offering bull’s-eye accuracy and kid-friendly performance.
  • Golden Boy Youth .22: A smaller version of the award-winning Golden Boy rifle, with a shorter barrel and length of pull ideal for young enthusiasts.
  • Single Shot Youth Shotgun: Available in 20 Gauge and .410 Bore, providing a safe and quality option for youngsters or smaller-framed adults.
  • Golden Boy Silver Youth: A nickel-plated version of the Golden Boy Youth, offering the same smooth action and nostalgic feel1.
  • Single Shot Youth Rifle .243 Win: Chambered in the versatile .243 Winchester, this rifle is perfect for young hunters ready to take on larger game.

Henry Repeating Arms takes pride in offering these Youth Models with the same integrity, materials, and craftsmanship as their full-sized counterparts. They provide a premium line of equipment for learning and practicing shooting sports, promoting a sense of responsibility, and fostering a deeper appreciation for nature and the world around them.