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FN 509 Series Pistols For Sale

FN 509 Series: Unleashing Precision and Power

FN 509®, a testament to FN Herstal’s commitment to excellence, stands as a remarkable line of striker-fired, polymer-framed semi-automatic pistols. Whether you’re a civilian seeking personal defense or a professional in law enforcement, the FN 509® delivers reliability, power, and precision.

Key Features:

  1. Proven Architecture:
    • Built on the foundation of the FNS™ Compact, the FN 509® underwent rigorous enhancements to meet the MHS (Modular Handgun System) requirements.
    • Over one million rounds of testing ensure reliability, ammunition compatibility, and durability.
  2. Striker-Fired Performance:
    • The FN 509® boasts a double-action operation for consistent performance.
    • Recessed target crown and polished chamber enhance accuracy.
  3. Configurations:
    • FN 509® Tactical: A 9mm powerhouse with a 4.0″ barrel, optics-ready slide, and 10 or 17-round magazines.
    • FN 509® Midsize: Versatile and concealable, it balances size and firepower.
  4. Enhanced Grip Textures:
    • Faster follow-up shots in all conditions.
    • Ambidextrous controls for adaptability.
  5. Reliable Companion:
    • Comes with two 17-round magazines or two 10-round magazines.
    • FN 509® has been tested extensively, ensuring its place among the elite.

From the range to real-world scenarios, the FN 509® Series redefines what a modern pistol can achieve.