Colt H Heavy Buffer AR-15 Carbine


Buy Colt H Heavy Buffer AR-15 Carbine Online

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Buy Colt H Heavy Buffer AR-15 Carbine Online

Colt H-Series buffers are an excellent reliability upgrade shooters can make to their AR-15 carbines. Heavy buffers can reduce felt recoil as well as reduce the cyclic rate on full-auto rifles. Standard carbine buffers contain three steel weights, the H buffer has two steel weights and one made from heavier tungsten. The H2 has two tungsten weights and one steel, and the H3 has all three weights made from tungsten.

Caution must be used when adding weight, as too heavy of a buffer can inhibit reliable function. As a rule, shorter gas systems benefit the most from heavier buffers.


Weight 3.8 Ounce

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Colt is now a subsidiary of the Czech holding company, Colt CZ Group. Colt has been instrumental in the engineering, production, and marketing of firearms, especially between the 1850s and World War I. The company played a major role in popularizing the revolver and shifting away from single-shot pistols. Although Samuel Colt did not invent the revolver concept, his designs resulted in the first very successful model.

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Colt has been influential in shaping the landscape of firearms manufacturing, known for its innovative designs and significant contributions to the evolution of the revolver. The company’s commitment to engineering excellence is evident in its iconic products, such as the Colt Walker, the Colt Single Action Army, the Colt Python, and the Colt M1911 pistol—the latter being the longest-standing military and law enforcement service handgun in the world

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Colt was also primarily responsible for all AR-15 and M16 rifle production, as well as many derivatives of those firearms. The most successful and famous of these are numerous M16 carbines, including the Colt Commando family, and the M4 carbine.

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