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Buy Henry Big Boy Brass Rifle.45 Colt Online Henry Big Boy Brass Rifle .45 Colt Original price was: $1,158.00.Current price is: $949.99.

Henry Big Boy Brass Rifle .44 Mag/.44 Spl

Original price was: $1,158.00.Current price is: $949.99.

Buy Henry Big Boy Brass Rifle.44 Mag/.44 Spl Online

Henry Firearms


Buy Henry Big Boy Brass Rifle .44 Mag/.44 Spl

As befits Henry’s legacy, these rifles are expertly crafted with superb American-made parts and meticulous attention to detail. Select American walnut is used to build the straight-grip stock and forearm, which are complemented with a polished brass barrel band and Henry’s trademark polished hardened brass receiver. Every one of them has the sharp trigger and smooth action that set an authentic, American-made Henry apart. The Big Boy Brass Side Gate is sure to evoke the spirit of the West in anyone seeking a genuine American experience, be it in the field, on a cowboy action stage, or at the shooting range.

When the West was still wild, a lever-action rifle in the saddle and a revolver on the hip were the tools of choice for survival, frontier justice, and putting food on the table. The spirit of those days lives on with the Henry Big Boy Brass Rifle. At the heart of the Henry Big Boy Brass Rifle is its smooth and reliable lever-action mechanism, allowing for swift and effortless cycling of cartridges. Whether you’re stalking game in the wilderness or engaging targets at the range, the lever action ensures rapid follow-up shots with unmatched consistency.

Model Number:
Action Type:
Lever Action
.44 Magnum/.44 Spl
10 Rounds
Additional Specifications
Barrel Length: 20″
Barrel Type: Octagon Blued Steel
Rate of Twist: 1:20
Overall Length: 38.5″
Weight: 8.68 lbs.
Receiver Finish: Polished Hardened Brass
Rear Sight: Fully Adj. Semi-Buckhorn w/ Diamond Insert
Front Sight: Brass Bead
Scopeability: Drilled and Tapped
Scope Mount Type: BB-RSM
Stock Material: American Walnut
Buttplate/Pad: Brass
Length of Pull: 14″
Safety: Transfer Bar
Best Uses: Target/Hunting/Collector
Embellishments/Extras: Side Loading Gate

Key Features:

  • Classic Aesthetics: Don’t let the vintage looks fool you. These pistol-caliber lever guns are built to meet the demands of today’s enthusiasts.
  • Polished Hardened Brass Receiver: The legendary brass receiver provides the foundation for this version of the Big Boy. It’s strong enough to withstand the higher-pressure cartridges it’s designed for.
  • Versatile Calibers: Available in a suite of traditional calibers, including .44 Magnum/.44 Spl, .357 Magnum/.38 Spl, and .45 Colt. These classic pistol cartridges perform exceptionally well when fired from the longer barrel of a rifle or carbine.
  • Barrel Options:
    • Big Boy Brass Rifle: Features a full-length 20” octagon barrel. You can choose between a standard or large loop lever.
    • Big Boy Brass Carbine: Comes with a more compact 16.5” barrel and a large loop lever. Ideal for tight spaces without sacrificing accuracy.
  • Quality Craftsmanship:
    • Steel Barrels: High-quality steel barrels, blued for corrosion resistance.
    • American Walnut Stock: Both the straight-grip buttstock and forearm are crafted from luxurious genuine American walnut.
    • Brass Accents: Polished brass barrel band and buttplate match the receiver.
    • Smooth Action and Crisp Trigger: An authentic, American-made Henry experience.
  • Sights and Optics:
    • Semi-Buckhorn Rear Sight: Fully adjustable with a reversible white diamond insert.
    • Brass Beaded Front Sight: Helps you get on target.
    • Drilled and Tapped Receiver: Ready to accept a scope base if you prefer magnification.
  • Magazine Capacity: Ten rounds in the rifle and seven rounds in the carbine.
  • Side Loading Gate: Conveniently located below the receiver’s ejection port for easy topping off without removing the rifle from your shoulder.
  • Removable Tube Magazine: Safe and Quick Unloading.
  • Authentic Americana: Whether at the range, in the field, or during Cowboy Action Shooting, the Henry Big Boy Brass Rifle and Carbine embody undisputed pieces of American history.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the rifle features a striking brass receiver that not only adds to its visual appeal but also enhances its durability and corrosion resistance. The octagonal barrel further contributes to its classic look while delivering exceptional accuracy and balance.

The Henry Big Boy Brass Rifle comes equipped with a fully adjustable semi-buckhorn rear sight and a brass bead front sight, providing shooters with a clear sight picture for precise aiming. Additionally, the rifle is drilled and tapped for easy installation of optics, allowing you to customize your setup to suit your preferences and shooting style.

With its timeless design, reliable performance, and unmistakable quality, the Henry Big Boy Brass Rifle in .44 Magnum/.44 Special is a true embodiment of American craftsmanship and heritage, destined to be cherished for generations to come. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or a discerning collector, this rifle stands as a testament to Henry’s commitment to excellence.



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Henry Repeating Arms manufactures a broad range of lever-action rifles and shotguns that are American-made. Here’s a brief description of each category:

Rifles: Henry’s rifles come in both rimfire and centerfire calibers, with a variety of finishes including alloy, steel, hardened brass, hardened silver, color case hardened, and All-Weather. They offer a wide range of models, from the Classic Lever Action .22 to the Big Boy X Model .45 Colt3. They also produce the Long Ranger rifles, which are available in several calibers including .223 Rem/5.56 NATO, .243 Win, .308 Win/7.62x51 NATO, and 6.5 Creedmoor3.

Shotguns: Henry’s shotguns are designed for a variety of hunting and shooting styles. Whether you’re looking for a youth shotgun to teach future generations about safe hunting and shooting practices, a workhorse shotgun for daily chores, or an upgrade to enhance your performance while maintaining a classic lever-action feel, Henry has a shotgun to meet your needs1.

Henry Repeating Arms is committed to quality and customer satisfaction.

Henry Firearms
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