Les Baer Custom Ultimate AR .223 M4 Flattop Model (Civilian Model) (Scope and rings optional)


Buy Les Baer Custom Ultimate AR 223 M4 Flattop Model Online

Les Baer


Buy Les Baer Custom Ultimate AR .223 M4 Flattop Model (Civilian Model) (Scope and rings optional)

Les Baer Custom is known for building some of the best custom firearms, so we selected all the finest components and accessories and asked them to build our dream gun.

Les Baer Rifles are the highest quality AR-platform rifles we have encountered. Les is a total perfectionist, making firearms with the closest tolerances and the most accurate AR-15 Rifles we have come across. There are lots of moving parts on a modern battle rifle, and some manufactures do not pay much attention to all these variables or details and are concerned more with the final price and less about performance.

Our team has tested and used dozens of different variants of the AR rifles for over 25 years. The attention to detail and quality manufacturing of Les Baer firearms is by far the best we have shot. All the current AR-15’s available on the market will feed and function, but accuracy and dependability are paramount, your life could be at stake.

Competitive AR-15 rifle shooters prefer Les Baer rifles; the 16″ M4 Barrels the Les Baer rifle typically out scores other brands of rifles. Sounds impossible, but the Les Baer Rifle outperforms everything we have tested, even .223 target bolt guns! Unfortunately Les does not produce many of these premium rifles, so supplies are always limited. You can buy a more expensive .223, but you can not find a more accurate AR-15 then a Les Baer.

In law enforcement, superior reliability and accuracy are absolute priorities. This M4 Law Enforcement model fits the uncompromising performance requirements of virtually any law enforcement agency. A wide variety of different scopes, sights, lights and other accessories can be easily mounted to this precision law enforcement firearm. Guaranteed to shoot 1/2″ MOA! Included with each gun is a target with two five-shot groups shot at 100 yards to prove its capability.

Les Baer M4 Features and Specifications:

  • Les Baer M4 Flattop LE Rifle
  • Caliber: .223 Remington
  • Capacity: 20-Round Magazine
  • Barrel: 16″
  • Rail: Integral Picatinny Rail System, 12″ Long
  • Stock: Four-Position Collapsible Stock
  • Gas Block: Aluminum Gas Block Covered by Rail System
  • Barrel: LBC Bench Rest 416 R Stainless Steel Barrel
  • Rifling: Precision Cut 1:8 Twist
  • Trigger: Geissele Two-Stage Trigger
  • Receiver: LBC Forged and Precision-Machined Upper and Lower Receivers
  • LBC National Match Carrier (Chromed)
  • LBC Bolt (Chromed)
  • LBC Extractor (Chromed)
  • Four-Position Free-Float Handguard with Locking Ring
  • Versa-Pod Installed
  • Dupont S Coating on Upper, Lower and Free-Float System Parts
  • Les Baer Custom AR .223 Rifle Soft Case Included


Les Baer Custom

Les Baer Custom 1911 Pistols For Sale - Les Baer 1911 For Sale Online

Les Baer is a renowned American manufacturer of semi-custom firearms, specializing in M1911-pattern pistols and AR-15 type rifles. Founded by gunsmith Les Baer Sr. in 1991, the company has earned a reputation for producing high-quality, accurate, and reliable firearms for competition, hunting, law enforcement, and self-defense. Les Baer Custom offers a wide range of models and options to suit the preferences and needs of discerning customers. Whether you are looking for a classic 1911, a modern AR-15, or a custom rifle, Les Baer Custom can deliver the performance and craftsmanship you expect from a premium firearm brand.

Les Baer
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