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The Kel-Tec Muzzle Brake Kit for the RFB Rifle replaces the factory flash hider with an efficient muzzle device that helps to mitigate the gun’s recoil and muzzle climb upon firing for faster follow up shots. The 3 chamber muzzle brake is machined from 4140 Steel and comes complete with a jam nut for proper timing on the barrel.


The factory flash hider must be torqued off the barrel. This may require a heat gun or torch to loosen the thread locking agent applied at the factory. The muzzle brake requires 2 thin 3/4″ wrenches for installation (not included).


Product Information

Finish Matte
Material Steel
Threads 5/8″-24
Compatible With
Kel-Tec RFB



Kel-Tec: Pistols, Rifles, Shotgun & Gun Parts 

When it comes to manufacturing innovative high-performance firearms Kel-Tec has to be in the conversation. Kel-Tec produces everything from high quality pistols to rifles to range supplies. Keltec has 30+ years in the industry and has its home right here in the United States. 

Kel-Tec’s firearms are crafted by a team of talented engineers, and they prioritize innovation and exciting design. They also support law enforcement and military personnel by providing quality firearms to protect American citizens and their freedoms. If you’re interested in any of these models, you can order Kel-Tec products right here.

Kel-Tec: Pistols, Rifles, Shotgun & Gun Parts 
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