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Kimber Pro Raptor II

Original price was: $1,434.00.Current price is: $1,234.99.

Buy Kimber Pro Raptor II Pistol Online

Kimber Firearms


Buy Kimber Pro Raptor II Pistol Online

Kimber Pro Raptor II pistols take their name from a combination of aggressive slide and frame serrations, feathered logo grips, and special scaled texturing accents. While this patented design is unique, the features, dependability, and accuracy are pure Kimber. Kimber Pro models may be the best all-around 1911 configuration, combining a 4-inch barrel with a full-length grip.

It is certain to be an ideal choice for concealed carry, personal defense, or general use. Tritium night sights, ambidextrous thumb safety and a bumped and grooved grip safety are all standard with the Raptor family. The quality of the Kimber 1911 rivals America’s finest gunsmiths; hold a Raptor and see for yourself.


Action Type Semi-Automatic
Weight 35 Ounce
Barrel Length 4 Inches
Barrel Finish Stainless
Threaded Muzzle No
Compensated No
Frame Material Stainless Steel
Grip Material Wood
Grip Style Scale
Grip Color Wood
Country of Origin United States of America
Trigger Type Single Action
Trigger Pull 4-5 Pound




Kimber America

Kimber Guns For Sale - Buy Kimber Firearms Online

Kimber America is the leading manufacturer of premium firearms for hunting, shooting, and self-defense. Kimber America combines American craftsmanship, innovation, and quality to create the finest 1911 pistols, rifles, and revolvers in the world. Kimber America is the trusted choice of professionals, enthusiasts, and patriots who demand excellence from their firearms.

Buy Kimber 1911 Pistol Online

This brand prides itself on the accuracy, dependability, and meaningful features of its products, which have led Kimber to become the world’s largest producer of 1911 pistols. Every component of Kimber’s firearms is manufactured within their own facilities to ensure unparalleled standards of quality. Kimber Guns has earned a reputation for its high-end pistols, revolvers, and rifles, and is considered one of America’s top manufacturers in this field.

Buy Kimber Rifles Online

Kimber Guns takes pride in the fact that virtually every single component of every firearm they offer is manufactured inside their own factory. This meticulous approach ensures that every part meets Kimber’s unequaled standards. Kimber Guns’ dedication to quality is evident in their products. Their 1911 pistol, for instance, has set the bar for the firearms industry. They also offer a wide selection of classic sporting, hard-core hunting, unique varmint, and no-compromise tactical rifles

Buy Kimber Revolvers Online

Kimber America produces rifles and pistols used by the USA Shooting Team, LAPD SWAT and even select members of the United States Marine Corps assigned to Central Command. It’s never abandoned those 1911 roots, introducing new models with enviable regularity. This year, for example, the Kimber Rapide Dawn 1911 hit the market. The company also isn’t shy about exploring new territory. Last year, it introduced its first polymer-framed pistol, the R7 Mako. Kimber America’s 2016 entry into the revolver market with the K6s has been a huge success, and a number of variants are already available, including the K6s DASA 4” Combat reviewed by American Rifleman.

Kimber Firearms
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