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Buy Beretta DT11 ACS (ALL CLAYS) Shotgun Online

Born from the legendary DT10 Trident, the Beretta competition over and under that has collected more medals in competition than any other shotguns, the new DT11 will astonish you with its qualities and performance. Buy Beretta DT11 ACS (ALL CLAYS) Shotgun Online

DT11 ACS: All Competitions Shotgun

The DT11 ACS (All Competition Shotgun) is a top of the line clay target over-under engineered to be versatile for all three types of competition–trap, skeet and sporting clays. Buy Beretta DT11 ACS (ALL CLAYS) Shotgun Online

An evolution of the DT10–the Beretta shotgun that won the most gold medals–it enables you to shoot at a professional level in all three disciplines as if you invested three times as much on dedicated premium shotguns. What makes this versatility possible is the revolutionary Beretta B-Fast system: adjustable rib (meaning adjustable point of impact), adjustable comb, adjustable point of balance.

And naturally, the DT11 ACS offers you all the winning features of the DT11 family, including a stable, wide receiver, Steelium Pro barrels with elongated forcing cone and the pride and prestige of owning a best-in-class Beretta over-under. Buy Beretta DT11 ACS (ALL CLAYS) Shotgun Online

  Adjustable Point of Impact, Point of Balance

The Beretta B-Fast system featured on the DT11 ACS is a concept that allows you to quickly and easily adjust the most critical parts of the shotgun to suit each discipline as well as your shooting style, preferences and body-type. Buy Beretta DT11 ACS (ALL CLAYS) Shotgun Online

The tapered rib (high, 15mm, 10x8mm, with front- and mid-bead) sports a positive click-stop adjustable dial at the front that lets you modify the point of impact from 50/50 to 80/20, and a hex screw in the back to positively lock your choice into place. Also, the point of balance is adjustable through a set of extra weights (provided), so that you may customize the way it feels for your particular swing and shooting style.

Out of the box, the shotgun will balance at the hinge pin, giving you a lively feel as well as a stable, smooth swing. Beretta DT11 ACS (ALL CLAYS) Shotgun For Sale Online

 Rock-Solid Adjustable Comb.   

The stock on the DT11 ACS is fully and easily adjustable for drop and cast, so that no matter which discipline you are shooting, the gun will fit your measurements like a glove and be optimized for the perfect swing. Beretta DT11 ACS (ALL CLAYS) Shotgun For Sale Online

The structure of the adjustable comb is made of a super-tough light alloy to withstand not only years and years of different settings, but also to stay positively in place exactly where you want it. Beretta DT11 ACS (ALL CLAYS) Shotgun For Sale Online

For the same reason, the supports are stout pillars in stainless steel and a patented locking system seals it all as our promise that nothing will move from your preferred settings, even during the most grueling day of competition. 


     A Winning Shotgun for Your Best Performance

In all respects, the DT11 ACS is a shotgun that you’ll never outgrow regardless of how high you take your skill level, because every detail was designed by some of the world’s foremost experts to help you break more clays.

It is built around a vault-like cross-bolt action, 3mm wider than the famed DT10’s and therefore even more durable and more stable in the hands. The single selective trigger breaks at a crisp 3 ½ lbs, which minimizes muscular interference with your swing, while the gun’s center-mass is low and coaxial with the bottom barrel for unmatched stability and negligible muzzle rise.

And with its premium-grade Steelium-Pro barrels with perfect concentricity, long forcing cone for minimal shot deformation and extended Optimachoke HP tubes, the DT11 ACS will keep the serious competitor on target and on the podium. Beretta DT11 ACS (ALL CLAYS) Shotgun For Sale Online

  • Model
    DT11 ACS Bfast
  • Barrel Length
  • Barrel Type
    Optima Bore HP
  • Choke
  • Lylium
  • Stock
  • Trigger
  • Action Type
    Over & Under
  • Gauge
  • Activity
  • Chamber
  • Fore End
  • Recoil Pad
  • Technologies
    Steelium Pro
  • Family
    DT11 Family

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