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FN 510 Series Pistols For Sale Online

FN 510™ Series: Where Precision Meets Fun

The FN 510™ Series, a remarkable addition to FN America’s lineup, redefines the rimfire handgun experience. Let’s explore what makes these pistols stand out:

  1. FN 510™ Tactical:
    • First of Its Kind: The industry’s first slide-mounted, optics-ready rimfire handgun. FN breaks new ground with this innovative design.
    • Hammer-Fired Accuracy: Chambered in .22 LR, the FN 510™ Tactical delivers precision and versatility unmatched by other rimfires.
    • Suppressor-Ready: Ready for quiet shooting sessions, it comes with a threaded barrel.
    • Optics-Ready: Pair it with your favorite micro red dot sight for enhanced aiming.
  2. FN 510™ MRD:
    • A sibling to the Tactical, this model offers a 15-round capacity for extended plinking fun.
    • Best-in-Class Trigger: FN’s commitment to excellence shines through in the trigger system.
    • Full Ambi Controls: Left-handed or right-handed, the FN 510™ adapts seamlessly.
  3. FN 510™ Fun Factor:
    • Available in both black and FDE finishes, it’s a blend of aesthetics and performance.
    • Whether you’re training, competing, or simply enjoying range time, the FN 510™ Series delivers.

From novice shooters to seasoned enthusiasts, the FN 510™ Series invites you to experience rimfire like never before.